A Culture of Innovation

Sun has long been the leader in innovation and technology because of our great employees and their ideas of how the world works today and how the world will work tomorrow. Through this dedication Sun has taken on the huge role and responsibility of helping to drive sharing, innovation and execution through some of our core assets including Solaris, Java, SPARC, and open systems - Sun technology runs on over six billion devices today.

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Welcome to a Tribute to Sun Microsystems

For more than 27 years, Sun has led the way in network computing innovation. And while oftentimes taking the road less traveled, our journey has delivered some of the most revolutionary — and evolutionary — ideas, business practices, and products. From Solaris to Java, open standards to open source, high-performance computing to eco computing, and everything in between, we've created a vibrant culture and a rich history, both of which we've shared with our partners, developers, students, universities, and of course, our customers.

We asked Sun employees from around the world to share some of their favorite anecdotes about their experiences at Sun. Take a look back at some of our more memorable moments and celebrate the unique culture that is Sun.

Women in Engineering, Hopper Conference

"Welcome to the first Grace Hopper Celebration. Welcome to the future." With these 11 words on June 9, 1994, Dr. Anita Borg opened the first of what would become the world's premier technical women's conference.

Eloping in Full View of Sun Canada

Just at the end of the dot-com bubble, I was awarded a trip to Maui, Hawaii, to attend the Pro Bowl event that Sun Services had sponsored for a number of years. Having heard many stories of the way Sun treated its employees at achievement events, my girlfriend and I were thrilled to attend. In fact, we took the opportunity to decide to elope in Maui...

Sun 20th Anniversary Video

From humble beginnings in 1982 to an innovation leader, Sun has created technologies that have defined – and often redefined – the course of computing. We help set new standards for business practices and corporate responsibility.


EMPLOYEES: 32,780 worldwide


RANK: #187 on Fortune 500 (2009)

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